Cemex Albania

Cemex Albania is a prestigious construction and management company for many projects in Albania, mainly concentrated in Tirana and the areas of Central Albania. For almost fifteen years, together with our clients and partners, we have operated in the realization and implementation of many projects and civil facilities of mainly residential nature, commercial services, relaxation, recreation, etc. As a result of our work we have developed from a simple construction company to an ambitious, visionary company and always looking for new challenges. The success of Cemex Albania lies in the trust relationship and partnership with all our partners and clients and especially in taking care of the interests and well-being of all.

Principles and values

The value of our company is “dedication, passion, humanity and sense of excellence”. Our belief and practice is that every development and construction project, of whatever nature, should be treated with the same attention, importance and commitment. We put our soul, principles and ideals, into each of our projects, considering it as unique and taking it very seriously.


The vision of Cemex Albania is to engage all its managerial, intellectual, engineering and financial power to build in the most contemporary and innovative way the future and dreams of everyone. Cemex Albania is committed to providing a high quality service and to exceed the expectations of customers and business partners, in the implementation of each project.


Some of our works


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Consulting & Project Analysis

A successful project requires perfect coordination of all processes and a professional staff. In response to these requests, but also of construction companies, comes “Cemex Albania”, a company that decomposes and gives solutions to every project, but also proposes contemporary and innovative ideas.

Construction workers fabricating steel reinforcement bar at the construction site


Construction is the sector where “Cemex Albania” operates more widely in the market. Over the years, what differentiates us is the integrity, service and facilities we provide for the community that chooses us. These values guide us and we work hard to strengthen them in every new project we build!

Medium shot back view of engineer and architect supervising construction


In order to offer a more dignified and complete service Cemex Albania has in its structure a qualified staff of engineers and technicians who follow your investment at every step. We take care that each project is implemented in the most perfect way possible and without exceeding the predetermined deadlines.

Presentation of project management processes such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing with icons and a manager touching virtual screen

Project Management

Project management means more than just constantly controlling the work progress. It’s also about meeting deadlines and building according to the client’s requirements: it unites clients with the team work and keeps all parties involved in the same direction, that of success.

Cemex Albania partners from the ground up


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Construction Manager

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Building Worker

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Our Partners

Some of our strategic partners.

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